Friday, December 21, 2012

i cannot love you

i cannot love you

but I just met you, She said, and i said You do not understand because

i cannot love you.

why not?

it is of up most difficulty to be two
two complete, whole, and opposite people
the vigorous on one side
the downtrodden on the other
and to operate within both
modes of being.

so, i tell You it is
of up most sadness that i
function as two

She did not understand.

i cannot love you, i said and walked away.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

listening to the Dead

there was a time (once) when my lover
my apartment smelled
of cigarettes and vodka. the noisy sounds
of gamblers rung
throughout my desert wasteland and i
rested on my couch, sequestered in my
 listening to the Dead.

now i watch the beginning sunlight
beam tepidly through my window.
my teabag steeps and the reflection on my
taza illudes that the tea is comprised
of brown rice and confetti.

harmonies play on my stereo and i feel Grateful.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I can no longer find solace in You

On those nights, when the storm's a-raging
And the lightning strikes outside my window
I am lonely beyond repair
And I feel nothing but sadness
I can no longer find solace in You.

I find rest, at times, in Otis
and Tea.

My demons keep me company
as do my memories.
There have been many-a lover
and many-a friend
They all leave too soon.
But my Memories!
Such a poor substitution, given
That I can no longer find solace in You.

Oh...Please Forgive my indolence.
I am burdened by pork grease and fatback.
Much too scattered for rhyme schemes and iambic
You find me on my knees, Woman, but I
(definitely can)
No longer find solace in You