Monday, October 8, 2012

There are beautiful moments in life...

There are beautiful moments in life
born out of pain and trauma
that forever distinguish one's lives
as a before and an after
which then presents a new set of problems
which entails those who only understand
the before.

This creates fear and hope for the future
because you never will be what you were
and you are not what you will be
and yet days ago seem like lifetimes
(that is, if you live it right)

Perhaps Cormac is correct
all writing should be about
life and death
and one should never use a semicolon;

Therefore all the psychological babble bleeds
into those beautiful moments
where you hope to leave goodness in your trail
but goodness is impossible without destruction.

But I, Paco, promise you this:
to always look forward
and yet be present
and to learn how to love
by first and foremost
allowing myself to be loved
and to take a breath every once in awhile
and smile.

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