Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Part 1-Drunk

I was the most charismatic 
of all the drunks
The best kisser
after a toke
the best lover
when we tripped

I was your husband
for a night
and one-night-stand
for a lifetime
the best man you ever had
for an hour or so

I was Don Juan
for a week
and Chupacabra
for the next
an idiot savant
from April until May

I was your soul mate
for a day
and your regret
for many more
A memory
for a century

I was the magnum opus
That you hide
Your frown
in distress
your hope
in your old age

I was that cigarette
That finally killed you
That poem
You never wrote
That movie
You never finished

But most of all
(and this is the most important)
I was the most charismatic
of all the drunks

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