Friday, August 24, 2012

When You Search For Something Unattainable

When you search for something unattainable
sometimes lay awake at night
and listen to sad songs

although you are not sad they
at least remind you you're alive.

It is painful to always search for something unattainable
Believe me, you know.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Part 1-Drunk

I was the most charismatic 
of all the drunks
The best kisser
after a toke
the best lover
when we tripped

I was your husband
for a night
and one-night-stand
for a lifetime
the best man you ever had
for an hour or so

I was Don Juan
for a week
and Chupacabra
for the next
an idiot savant
from April until May

I was your soul mate
for a day
and your regret
for many more
A memory
for a century

I was the magnum opus
That you hide
Your frown
in distress
your hope
in your old age

I was that cigarette
That finally killed you
That poem
You never wrote
That movie
You never finished

But most of all
(and this is the most important)
I was the most charismatic
of all the drunks

Friday, August 3, 2012

Love Poem

This disaster is
marked by transition.
(the death angel)
You are still so beautiful
after all these years
Do they not understand love that
exists beyond good and evil?
Have they not cried solitarily
in Giovanni's room?
You no longer have the beauty
of youthful naivety.
(That's the type of beauty which
bores me anymore)
No! You have the beauty of
having lived
Illuminating scar tissue on
your heart of desire.
They don't get it.
They have never loved as I have loved
with winds of fire and
threats of nuclear annihilation.
They have not drunk poison
just to hold a lover's hand.
Let them live their lifeless lives.
I will continue my exploration
with whatever the storm may bring.