Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When the Chihuahuas Out Drink You

When the Chihuahuas out drink you (and then nip at your heels), then you know it is too much...Patron...tobacco...sleep and you lay your head on the table as the world spins then you puke (puke?) all conflict in to the ether world, pouring your brains for this misanthrope Chihuahua (who talks back, that fucking bastard) and says, "Beware of the pregnant woman. She wants your cock." Ah, thank you, Mr. Chihuahua, what a wise Chihuahua, then he and his friends nip at your heels and you think, By God! He's Fucking Right! Beware of the pregnant woman (she wants your cock), get some sleep (Goddammit!), stop this world from spinning, take a breath, calm down, play some music, love someone...this is what you learn when the Chihuahuas out drink you.

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