Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Hate Kitsch!

I Hate Kitsch!

Especially the political or charitable kind that tugs at your heartstrings (I say your heartstrings because mine don't exist anymore) asking you to take pity on hopeless souls (as if whoever receives the charity are savages) and the romantic kind where you describe yourself as Fun-Loving or Laid-Back And Sunny as if I would expect you to Hate fun and be difficult to deal with but I especially Hate the Socially Normative Kitsch where you lie about your feelings or who you are or any of that other feces because Kitsch is the Opposite of Real and if there is one thing I expect from You it is Reality!

So take your Carpe Diem and Live Each Day As If It Is Your Last and I'm Just A Hopeless Romantic and tell me something I can Grasp because (if I am being honest with you) I Hate Kitsch!

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