Friday, March 30, 2012

I Did Not Know, Driving Those Dusty Tucson Streets

I did not know, driving down those dusty Tucson streets, that this would be the second to last time that I saw my friend (and the last time that I actually liked him). Irish music played from my car stereo and my windows were open. There was a sadness about it...a sadness that I didn't understand, and one that I still cannot articulate. The sadness of a nostalgia for what never was.

I feel the same sadness about you. Sometimes accepting and letting go can be as hard as losing a friend on dusty Tucson streets. Our breathing days are limited and it seems like such a waste to spend them sad or hurt or angry or lonely, and yet we have no choice sometimes. Such fate is cruel and unwarranted!

I still drive those dusty Tucson streets in my head but, by god, if they weren't just a little bit easier with some companionship.

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